Best Natural Beeswax Tea Lights

100% pure, long lasting. sourced from ethical UK hives

Best Natural Beeswax Tea Lights

100% pure, long lasting. sourced from ethical UK hives. Scented, handcrafted, with online multibuy options.

The best natural beeswax tea lights are made from superior English beeswax cappings which are used to seal the honey into the honeycomb within the hive.

Our beeswax tea lights are hand poured in small batches on our premises.

Each tea light is made individually ensuring each wick is centered perfectly and stays that way whilst lit.

Beeswax cappings are the thin layer of slightly paler in colour virgin beeswax secreted from the wax glands of the honeybee. The aroma is floral and fragrant.

Tea lights are excellent for creating a calming, relaxing ambient scenario or for a little meditation perhaps.

The term “Tea Light” originates from the original use of a Teapot warmer.

These days they are popular for creating atmosphere around the home, parties, weddings or similar.

Read about the seven benefits of beeswax tea light candles…

A Bit of a Buzz are members of the Lune Valley Beekeepers

A Bit of a Buzz are members of the Lune Valley Beekeepers

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Spend £40 or more on the best Natural Beeswax Tea Lights and receive six extra free tealights with every order, plus free shipping

Best Natural Beeswax Tea Lights

Natural Beeswax Tea Lights Products


Beeswax Tea Light Candles – available in packs of either 4, 6, 12, 15, 20, 24, 32 & 48


Extra Large Beeswax Tealights – available in packs of 12


Ivory White Tealights – available in packs of 15


Mixed Ivory & Natural Beeswax Tealights – available in packs of 20


White Beeswax Tea Lights – available in packs of 6


Citronella Beeswax Tealights – available in packs of 12


Mini Beeswax Tin Candles – Wooden Bee


48 pack of Beeswax Tea Lights – bulk buy best seller

Our Latest Customer Reviews

Matt McCabe
Matt McCabe
Lovely products, well presented with excellent customer service. Michelle loves what she does and looks after her customers!
Simeon Whitehouse
Simeon Whitehouse
This is a great place for for scent candles at super low prices
Carol Richardson
Carol Richardson
Ordered from A Bit of a Buzz for Xmas presents and the order was delayed of course due to the postal strike… Michelle kept in touch by email & phone until it was delivered…very good personal service. The products are quality, as described and wonderful scents. Definitely recommend.
Best bees wax Ive used hands down! Highly recommend!
Wonderful products. Excellent website, ordering and delivery. Exemplary friendly personal customer service. Deserves a larger audience!
Mark Curtis
Mark Curtis
Amazing products, quality and most of all service. We discovered the online shop a few months back and Michelle has been fantastic to deal with. We were looking for a beeswax alternative to the paraffin and soy candles and we have found a place we will keep going going back to again and again. Thank you Michelle
Stefanie Carter
Stefanie Carter
Absolutely adore this wax and I'm now on my 3rd tin! I use both the lemon myrtle and the lavender and orange.😍 As an independent furniture upcycler it's important to me to support small businesses, and the customer service from A Bit of a Buzz is so wonderful and helpful! I use the wax on all my pieces to nourish the wood and it smells absolutely devine. Plus it's natural and food safe. Thankyou so much for a gorgeous product! 🐝
Louise Tripp
Louise Tripp
I bought some products a couple of years ago from 'A Bit of a Buzz' at Milnthorpe market and they're lasting well! I love the lemon myrtle furniture polish which smells so fresh. I also bought the leather restorer for a pair of burgundy shoes with scuffed toes - it worked a treat. I'll definitely replace these once they're used up, and will explore other products too. The candles look beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you at Sedbergh market soon!
Gail Gibson
Gail Gibson
A Bit of a Buzz make the most gorgeous candles. The candles burn cleanly without creating any soot unlike other candles I have purchased. My favourite are the Coffee Scented Candles which have the most wonderful aroma. The owner, Michelle, is extremely helpful and provides an excellent customer service. Candles arrive promptly and I can smell them even before opening the parcel. I would highly recommend A Bit of a Buzz.
Rachael Brereton
Rachael Brereton
This is the firt time I have used this business and what a great experience! The owner, Michelle, could not be more helpful ... I was placing a wholesale order, she talked me through all the items and offered advice about the best colour of candles and all the different designs. My delivery arrived yesterday - everything is beautifully packaged and ready for my shop. The items look amazing and they have way exceeded expectation - I will definitely be ordering again! many thanks xxx

Why buy from Best Natural Beeswax Tea Lights?

Illuminate your space with the warm, cosy glow of our premium natural beeswax tea lights. Handcrafted with care, these eco-friendly candles offer a unique and sustainable lighting solution for any occasion.

Pure Natural Beeswax Goodness: Our tea lights are made from 100% pure beeswax, sourced from ethically managed hives. Experience the subtle, sweet fragrance and natural golden hue that only beeswax can provide.

Environmentally Conscious: Choose a green alternative with our natural beeswax tea lights. These candles are free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring a clean burn that’s gentle on both you and the environment.

Extended Burn Time: Enjoy extended hours of captivating illumination. Our natural beeswax tea lights burn longer than traditional candles, making them perfect for cozy evenings, intimate dinners, or creating a calming ambiance.

Versatile Decor: Whether you’re decorating your home, setting the mood for a special event, or creating a relaxing spa atmosphere, our beeswax tea lights add a touch of elegance and natural charm to any setting.

Handcrafted Excellence: Each tea light is lovingly handcrafted to perfection. The attention to detail ensures a consistent and reliable burn, making them the ideal choice for both personal use and gifting.

Elevate Your Space: Elevate your space with the warm and inviting glow of beeswax. Our tea lights not only provide beautiful lighting but also make a statement about your commitment to quality, sustainability, and natural living.

Shop our natural beeswax tea lights today and discover the magic of a pure, natural glow that only beeswax can deliver. Illuminate responsibly!

A Bit of a Buzz® Natural Beeswax Tea Lights. Based in the Lune Valley (nearest town Lancaster) and on the cusp of Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cumbria, so we are very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, flowers & of course lots of Bees. We are members of the Lune Valley Holistic Community Beekeepers.

Our Beeswax is sourced from the Bee Hives of the Lune Valley Beekeepers and around the UK as far as Cornwall, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Cardiff and everywhere else in between. All our packaging is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable including our -Eco Friendly (Green) Bubble Wrap. Our recycled plastic free sellotape made from cellulose film and naturally based glue derived from plant based renewable sources. If you are looking for good customer service, you have arrived at the right place, we will look after you, we will answer any questions and rectify any problems you may have because you as our customer will always come first.

Beeswax Tea Lights UK - Questions and Answers

Beeswax is an eco friendly biodegradable natural wax and it”s also sustainable and compostable.

Beeswax is a natural hard wax produced by the honeybee, it burns very slowly, it doesn’t drip and has a higher melting point than most waxes resulting in a longer burn time of approximately 5 hours if kept out of draughts.

Yes beeswax tealights are non toxic, smoke free and better for our planet.

Approximately 5 hours if kept out of draughts.

Yes and especially if the user suffers from allergies, because burning a beeswax candle or beeswax tealights helps to purify the air.

Beeswax tealights create a calming & relaxing atmosphere around the home. 

White beeswax is created by leaving some natural yellow beeswax out in the hot sun for quite some time to bleach the wax white naturally. 

White beeswax emits a much milder aroma, in fact it is almost scent free, however both the yellow and the white beeswax perform in the same way as each other.

Well no not really.  A beeswax tea light candle is designed to be lit and burnt all in one go because all the wax in the little case has to melt evenly all the way down until it is finished. If the wick is trimmed due to the first burn, the wax will not become hot enough to continue, therefore when re lighting a tealight it won’t be able to produce the maximum heat  and continue to burn for approximately 5 hours.

Our beeswax is obtained from our local  Lune Valley Beekeepers who carry out their beekeeping with minimal intervention which improves the environment for the bees and other pollinators such as flies, wasps, or butterflies to name a few.

The wax the honeybees produce emits a mild floral honey aroma and is slightly lighter in colour, resulting in some of the best natural aromatic wax available for use in creating some of the best beeswax tealights.

Yes we do have a few options which are 32, 48, or 100 x beeswax tealights and remember if you spend over £40.00 you will receive 6 x free beeswax tealights and free postage as well. View our products…

Never leave burning candles unattended, keep burning candles away from children and pets and always place lit candles onto a heatproof base.